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Live GAME streamer from South Africa living in Germany 




For the love of Gaming

It all started when I was 10 or 11 years old (1980/1981), my father had a HAM radio with which he could connect with people around the world. He would always be talking to someone in America, UK or countless other countries. It all seemed so exciting and interesting. I still remember his call sign was “The Golden Eagle”. So I guess that’s where the interest started because I always wanted to chat and connect with people from all over and when the internet eventually arrived I was hooked! I started gaming and joined various gaming clans like Geezerz and eventually started my own clan Reeperz. 

I moved to Germany and now do regular live streams with my South Africa friends, RoxyCS amongst others. #TheCaptainjakes as you all know now that I love meeting and chatting to people around the world.

Um yes, I am not the best shot in Battlefield but hey for me it’s about the fun that I have with my clan friends in South Africa. Check out my streams and you will see what I mean.